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Magnesium products
Magnesium oxide
Food grade magnesium oxide mainly used in food additives, color stabilizing agent, pH regulator, and enrichment of Magnesium in health care function product. Medical grade magnesium oxide mainly used in the field of biological pharmacy as antacids, adsorbent, desulfurizer, deleading reagent,
Magnesium Carbonate
Food additives- Enrichment of Magnesium for various foods, Anti caking agent in the cooking salt/powdered drinks, Demolding agent in the manufacture of biscuits,Carbonate source in the soft drinks. Cosmetics-Rheological agent moisture stabilizer in manufacture of soap.
Magnesium hydroxide
our company along with Institute Of Chemistry Chinese Academy Of Sciences do the research and development of efficient halogen-free flame retardant magnesium hydroxide,Our products have multiple functions such as drip-proof, suppressing smoke ,material of filling.Magnesium hydroxide...

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